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le Ibiza Framboise with silver metallic stripes
le Ibiza Rose with silver metallic stripes
le Petit Fuchsia with Eggplant band
le St Tropez pale Pink with dark Pink band
le Tunisien Fuchsia
le Tunisien Orchid
le Tunisien Rose Bonbon
le Tunisien Magenta
St Barths honeycomb baby Pink and Cream
St Barths honeycomb Hot Pink
St Barths honeycomb light Pink
St Barths honeycomb Pink and Cream
St Barths honeycomb Rose
St Barths honeycomb soft Pink
St Tropez Orchid

Pink Bath Towels & Beach Foutas

Bermuda's pale pink sands have nothing on our eclectic selection of intimate pink hues, ranging from the softest blush to deep raspberry to Carribbean coral. Wrap yourself in our variety of pretty pink bath towels that will never fade or lose their color. Tunisian artists dye organic cotton with the highest quality pigments for stunning, pure color and the softest feel.  Shop piercing pink to brighten up your bedroom, accentuate your tan or add some elegant fuchsia to a romantic night's swim! Also check our orange bath towels! 

Pink Foutas Collection 

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