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le ibiza honeycomb apricot with blue metallic stripes
Le Ibiza light peach with pink metallic lurex stripes
le ibiza peach with silver metallic silver lurex stripes
le tunisien Tangerine
st barths honeycomb Pumpkin
st barths honeycomb Rust
st tropez Apricot
st tropez tangerine
st tropez marigold

Orange Bath Towels & Beach Foutas

If orange is the new black then this selection of orange bath towel foutas makes you the hottest fashionista around.  We love this hue's versatility for how it makes our skin glow and how it adds such a fun pop of color into a home.

Inspired by the bright, citrus hues of mediterranean sunsets, these orange Foutas bring life and energy to your travel towel selection. We take pride in our rich colors and use the purest pigments to ensure that your favorite orange color stays just as bright and cheery for years to come as it did on the very first day.

Handwoven on traditional looms by Tunisian artists with organic cotton, the color might be your first love, but the unmatched softness and absorbency will make these foutas a favorite forever.

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Orange Foutas Collection

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