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le ibiza Almond with silver metallic stripes
le ibiza Nude
le ibiza White
le petit Grey with Rose Bonbon band
le petit Pumpkin Cream and Taupe stripes
le tunisien Beige
st barths honeycomb Chocolate Brown
st barths honeycomb Seafoam
st barths Light Salmon
st barths honeycomb Ochre
st tropez almond
st tropez ecru
st tropez light grey
st tropez Mocha Brown
st tropez oatmeal
st tropez seafoam
st tropez slate
These cool, neutral tones are the perfect way to showcase an elemental, understated style. Whether you’re draping foutas in your home, lounging by the pool, or covering hot sand on a sunny beach, these neutral towels are anything but drab! Dyed with pure pigments by Tunisian artists, you’ll never have to worry about these neutral color fading.
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