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Excellent Ways to Use Your Fouta

Why are the Foutas, the best towels to buy?

The fouta originated in Tunisia and is a handwoven towel, made of 100% natural cotton. Originally used in the Tunisian bath-houses, the fact that they are large, lightweight and come in a variety of patterns, means that the fouta can be used in a number of ways, which means that it is actually one of the best towels to buy!

foutas best towels to buyA popular way to use a fouta, is as a wraparound or a pareo. Due to the size, weight and patterns available, the fouta is perfect to wear in the heat of summer and on the beach, don't just take our word for it, check out the collection here.

Talking about the beach, a fouta also makes a great travel towel and can be used to dry yourself but also to spread out and relax on. The best thing is they look chic and dry in minutes. Plus the sand brushes right off and doesn’t get caught in the fibers like terry towels do.

Due to the large size of the fouta, when it is spread out, it can make a pretty picnic blanket. Le Monte Carlo collection (link to Monte Carlo) is big enough for the whole family to sit on, yet compact enough to carry around, the fouta is the ideal choice when going for a day out.

Back at home and the fouta contines to have it's uses. A fouta makes a great blanket, that can easily been thrown on to a bed for that extra little bit of warmth on chilly nights.

The fouta is not only restricted to the bedroom, it can also make an excellent blanket on the sofa or chair. Rather then having to get up and put on an extra sweater, wrapping up in a cozy fouta is a great way to spend a night in front of the TV or curled up with a book.

A fouta can also make an excellent cover for a tired looking couch. With a range of colors and patterns, it's a quick and economical way to change the look of your couch.

How about using your fouta as a tablecloth? It can provide a unique look to your table presentation and will have guests talking in no time. With so many colors and patterns to choose from, there is sure to be a fouta for every occasion, such as these lovely honeycomb foutas from the St Barths collection.

Le St. Barths

Why not take your fouta to the spa with you? It can be used as both a towel and a sarong, as you relax in the water and enjoy your treatments.

These are just a few of the great ways that you can use your fouta. How do you enjoy using yours? Sign up today for more great ways to use your fouta and make sure to visit out store here, where you can find the largest selection of handwoven, 100% organic cotton foutas in the USA.


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