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Bonjour mes amies,

If you’re one of a zillion other people in the world who dislike having to haul heavy towels to the beach each summer then you’ve come to the right place...

My name is Sian Kirwan Andreson, owner of Fine Foutas and lover of these fabulous and très chic accessories. Raised in France and the UK, I am a mother of three little ones now living in the US after meeting the love of my life.

My love of adventure and travel forced me to find ways to pack light and stay organized with an entourage of three little monsters. I desperately needed to streamline and make packing and unloading more managable.  

A few summers ago I discovered these wonderful Foutas on the glamorous beaches of St Tropez and instantly fell in love. I brought a suitcase of Foutas back home to the US, and ever since, I've had family, friends, and strangers ask where they can get their mitts on these fabulous lightweight accessories.  So, an idea and a love of textiles prompted me to seek the highest quality organic cotton in Tunisia, and Voila! Fine Foutas was born.

My mission is to make these unique textiles, with their rich artisanal history accessible for you and your loved ones.

Thank you for visiting Fine Foutas - if you like what you see and want to keep on spreading the love, follow Fine Foutas on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook and keeping checking my blog for the latest Fouta news!

Au revoir for now,

Sian xox

"If the full moon loves you, why worry about the stars".

Tunisian proverb

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