Luxurious. Stylish. Versatile.  

Le St. Barths

Le St. Barths is one of our most popular and loved Foutas. This Fouta comes in a beautiful honeycomb weave pattern which only the chicest people on the planet will be seen with. Famous for it's softness and luxurious feel, Le St. Barths lives up to its glamorous reputation. Used as a beach towel, a must-have by the pool (along side your preferred cocktail and designer sunnies) a stylish wrap, or a bath towel, you and your family, friends and guests will fall in love with these elegant textile additions to your home. 


Made in Tunisia

100% Organic cotton 

Dimensions: 72" x 40" (190 cm x 100 cm) 

Machine or handwash cold 

The more you wash them the softer and more adsorbent they become

Colors won't fade

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