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Le Tunisien

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Le Tunisien Baby Blue
Le Tunisien French Blue
Le Tunisien Fuchsia
Le Tunisien Light Lavender
Le Tunisien Navy
Le Tunisien Orchid
Le Tunisien Rose Bonbon
Le Tunisien Sky Blue
Le Tunisien Turquoise

Le Tunisien Foutas earn their stripes and offer a trendy, versatile style that you can use in home décor, at the beach, and for chic poolside styling. The lightweight, 100% organic cotton is dyed with vibrant, pure pigments for color that never fades. Traditional Tunisian towels feature a luxurious, silky feel that glides across your skin like a fading sunset over the Mediterranean sea that follows the Tunisian coastline. Add a splash of brilliant color and youthful striping to capture the clean, stylish energy of Mediterranean living. Perfect to use at the beach, on the sail boat, or to enhance and add some gorgeous color to your beach house or home.


  • 100 % organic cotton 
  • Handwoven in Tunisia
  • Super absorbent and lightweight 
  • Takes up less room in the closet and washer than terry cloth towels
  • Softer and more absorbent after multiple washes
  • Colors never bleed or fade
  •  79" H X 40" W (200 cm H x 100 cm W)
  • Machine or hand wash cold or up to 30 degrees, tumble dry low or hang dry

Traditional Tunisian Towels for the Beach

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