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8 Excellent Reasons to Own a Fouta

Posted on October 15, 2014 by Sian Kirwan

1.100 % cotton, it's really thin and dries up very quickly : No more damp towel laying around the whole day at the beach.


2. Right out of the shower wrap yourself in this generously sized bath linen, no need to rub, you will get dry in no time.
The more you wash the fouta the more it gets absorbent and efficient, but you will start seeing dramatic results right after its second trip to your washer!


3. It is so thin, it can fit in any space, your linen closets will look organized and you will save so much space.Get rid of your regular sponge towels that eats up all the space in your linen cabinets or travel bags, or even beach bags!


4. It is so thin that you can stick it in with any other laundry load you would wash on a cold water cycle, no need to wait for the towels to fill your basket to start a specific cycle for it!


5. The fouta is very versatile, i like to call it "the multitasking Fouta":Whether in your bathroom, at the beach, at the pool, to lie down on it or dry yourself in it or use it as a nice wrap around pareo, it's exactly what you need!The possibilities are endless!


6. Our selection of foutas range from the one you would use in your bathroom or the beach to the most fancy, elegant ones you would use for your interiors as plaids, throws, tablecloths, runners...Again, the possibilities are endless!


7. Fine Foutas offers you a wide range of colors, 100% organic,eco-friendly, handwoven following the ancestral tunisian traditions of weaving products.


8. Once you've used a fouta, you'll never use anything else but a fouta, Get yours today!

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